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Bookkeeping Services & Support

“Bookkeeping is the activity of recording financial transactions as part of the accounting process. It is essential to the day-to-day operations of a business.”

                                                                                    Webster’s Dictionary

Bookkeeping Service -

Your company handles day-to-day bookkeeping (pays all bills and handles invoices,etc) but has no formal accounting system.

Once a month or quarterly, the company gives us all bank statements, credit card statements, loan statements, check register and notes of any other activity that may have accrued during the time frame. We organize all the information.

Scott Boyar, CPA, PLLC will:

  • Record all activity
  • Tie out loans
  • Reconcile statements
  • Make adjustments
  • Prepare management reports 
  • Provide tax planning support

Bookkeeping Service allows the business owner to handle everything themselves on paper, but not have to worry about compiling all of it at tax time.  The reports also give the owner the ability to see how things are going through the year and have better knowledge for future planning.

Monthly Bookkeeping Support -

Your Company has a bookkeeper and uses Quickbooks but would like to have it reviewed on a monthly basis.

Once a month, Scott Boyar, CPA,PLLC will:

  • Reconcile statements, if not done in-house
  • Review postings
  • Make adjustments
  • Prepare Management Reports

This service provides the Owner with quality control of bookkeeping and allows us to help with any tax planning needs.

Full Charge Bookkeeping –

No need to have a bookkeeper on staff

On a weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or in-house basis, Scott Boyar, CPA, PLLC. will:

  • Enter and pay all bills
  • Record invoices, payments and deposits
  • Prepare accounts receivable, accounts payable and aging reports for you to review
  • Send out past due statements
  • Reconcile bank statements and credit card statements
  • Tie out loans, make adjustments and any other bookkeeping needs. 

Scott Boyar CPA, PLLC can help with all these services. Call us at 704-527-2725


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